Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's Complicated

They keep asking why are we so complicated

why so abnormal,no respect

no proper code of obsolete conduct

what happened to sane equations

to precious traditions

why this need for attention

why the need to change the world?

I remain silent ,for i don't want

my answers,sharp and acidic

to melt your manly need to

be the smiling ,secret sphinx

yet,now my heart,it's hard not to

for their myopic questions

overwhelm my sights

Yes,we are complicated

haven't figured out

each other,or cataloged

and publish our couple profile

neither does it bother

,no cares either

we're no labeled clothes

to be insistently hung from

existence's cloth line

nor do we care whether

you buy us off the shelf

now,you may ask,what

are we for an answer's sake

the truth is that i don't know..

two crows drenched in

the rain of love

innocent twins warming

each others' toes,

wriggling around

in the calming womb of life

or may be a father,

a mother sometimes

the roles reverse

but love plays on

in it's own terms

it's complicated,i know

hard seeds indeed

to be thrown and sown

oh yes,we married

for the world's sake

its' shooting blood pressure

but we're not actually partners

in Marriage&Co,

just two humans living together

it's so happened that

he's a lovely man

and me,a writing woman!

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