Thursday, July 22, 2010

Breakthrough of a Butterfly

It has been quite a while
Since i have become used to
the quite darkness of this soft cocoon
though i know i don't really belong in here
i have no recall from whence i came
just broken reels of memories that
fail my reach like playful mystic winds

i learned to call this home,learned to settle in
and taught myself the ways of spending days
i didn't know what i was supposed to be
i was just being
with no past
and unknowing future
i was something,
yet didn't knew the thing.

of late,it's changing ,
though i don't know what
darkness is erasing itself
and the emptiness is bright
it disturbs me,things rise in me
or are they to be called thoughts?
distant flashes of colour bury my nothingness
my body pains,for i call this change pain
it's changing
and i don't know what to do about it

i am tired,yet curious
fired by many many unnamed feelings
there's a call from the distance
the language of which i don't know
yet i know it's a call and listen

i am totally broken now,
just molecules of beingness
yet i don't regret,
just fearful of what is
it that i am going to be.
it's about to break,
the walls around me
and all i know is that
am meant to move out
and just keep going....

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