Wednesday, April 14, 2010


You have been so real
So true in what you appeared to be
You were worth the risk
And I was sure I could walk miles with you
But then,why does a bad dream spoil it all
Is all the karma hunting me down?

I t wasn't love,no not lust
Not even the names we have learnt and left
It was just 'being' and now we have lost it all
And I'm all alone like a lost nun.

Didn't i tell you the road is steep
Didn't i tell you it's hard to be 'us'
Why then you tried the path
And left just when the dawn was about to break?

For you and any one who may come this way
Do not,for you hurt me by those dreams
I am safe this way,alone and loving

But don't knock on my door
And leave when I open to let you in.

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