Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Burnt Roses

Blurred eyes
Spurting blood
Unseen hopes
Dying in my heart
What is it?
What did i do?
Answers freeze
In hardened eyes

Words duel
An empty
Gaining nothing
Losing love
Is this where you want us to be?
No echoes,just my voice
In this one way black hole

I said "let's walk"
And you wanted to stay
I obliged, left my wings
Warm in feelings' keep
Now i cant find them
Vanished in the thin mist of

If we did walk,we could have seen
The sun rise
And not left in this numb darkness
Even this wouldn't have mattered,there's no blame
But your footsteps move afar.

The roses are burning
The song is ending
A troubled note
Rises from my psyche's keys
Death is fooling us into his well set trap
Were we born to follow and not fight?

Where are you going
What've you become
It is so special
And i am still waiting
Why did you have to do all this
Simply because a moonbeam
Chose to fool your eyes?
Why do you have to leave
Because I seem to hear your heart?
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