Thursday, April 1, 2010

.....wHeN i saY i LovE YoU....

When I say I love you,
Am I trespassing your space?
When I wish to find solace in the depth of your eyes,
Am I going to be scorched by my selfishness?

There's not a moment in my life now,
When your memories remain abstract in my heart
All my constant worries,fears and phobias
Have long dissolved into oblivion since you

Your voice is as soothing as the
Melodious cooing of reclining doves
And as inspiring as the lightning's royal mien

But the spring rain does black magic on my
longing self
The growling thunder threatens me with imminent
The sight of wet,sprawling plants fills me with
a sense of loss

I'M as confused as a misdirected sparrow
Who against the unfavorable winds
faintly beats its frail wings "

The me-of-me you will never find,too subtle,too capricious but be sure if you belong to me and I sense that, I will ask you to stay and NEVER LEAVE- Meherin
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