Saturday, March 19, 2011

Love Borne

Leaning against the wet grills of the window

Counting the lingering rain drops,weighing them

What I imagined was the voice

beckoning from behind the red-pink evening sky

But how did u fathom,what rose in my eyes

The fiery swirls'f monsoon clouds,the impending storm?

How did you guess ,that

in mystery lies my wanton freedom?

Where did you learn

to delude my gathering thoughts

Like leaves scattering in these rainy winds

To bridge my loneness

With that tight hold onto my toe?

To hold back my neighing heart

With that much loved forlorn look?

I hate what you do to me,to simplify me

The way you sit beside my yearning self

But isn't this love,the Holy Grail of loneliness.

The journey ended long ago

I'm now supposed to drink.

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