Sonnets of a Lone Soul(ഏകാകിയുടെ പ്രണയഗീതങ്ങള്‍)


"i may be locked up,yes i am
by the rusted locks of humanity
my eyes droop,my shoulders might sag
But my spirit is free and it will soar up
Beyond the green doors of hope
......And into the skies of togetherness...."


 "life is at times an overwhelming game
And every time i had failed
to play by its rules
but of late as i allowed existence
to pulse through my soul,
i know
there's nowhere to go Out, but In
one step at a time..listening deep
There's no need to go a little more fast
Nor slack my pace to match with yours
Coz' The world is different for each of us
And it's to be lived on your own terms.."


beautiful memories never cast shadows
they light with benevolence's wax
the empty beacons on life's trails
O' Childhood ,if thy tread may
sound again
on my life's dusty walkway
dreams would have sung a quiet lullaby
without trumpeting fear and make us



‎"Away in those watery depths
Sadly twinkles my childhood stars
I can see but can't bend down
Fear immerses me in the cold ,
I can't swim afar
...Footsteps sound behind me
and there's mist beyond
I miss,tears brim and
The silence haunts my eyes
Where can I reclaim life once again
Or is that place really called heaven..?"


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