Sunday, April 25, 2010

Inside an Unreal Dream

Sunshine fell
On the soft leaves' shade
And the wind sang
Our lives' song
World watched
But pretended it didn't

When you met me
it was as if two souls met
So long after,happy but
Unsure of when to go again
Or whether to stay at all.

A painful tug,a pull so light
But feeling like a thousand
Tears held back,smiles
firmly put in place
You and me shared
All the unsaid stories
And it was time too soon.
You never forgot to ask
But i failed to step along
By you in this dance of love.

What are you..
And me to you?
A single guitar string
Plucked by god's fingers
Is that you and me?
An eternal note
Haunting love
Across Time,space and
the test
Of hell?

Words unsaid..
Thoughts unheard
Choked hearts
Feelings so intense
It colored our eyes
And pulled us together in this dream
I looked away and laughed out loud
So that you won't know,not trouble you
Was it the same for you too..
Is that why you couldn't stare at me
And talked of everything
And so unsure of a smile at me?

I have no name for this
We really don't need one
No answers
No rules..
Just two souls or is it one broken
So far back in time?

And i don't know where these words
Are coming from
Coz' I'm so down,torn apart
Tears blind,a pain so pure
I'm lost,wounded
And bleeding inside my heart.

From behind these stars
And the darkness that nestled us
May be someone will hear this
Faint,hopeless prayer
Something will happen to make me
Live inside this unreal dream
With you beside,in the shadows
And on the path of togetherness.
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