Monday, February 22, 2010

To my Guardian Angel..

Once you used to speak to me
Guardian angel from beyond the skies..
There was an unspoken assurance
That you will assist my life's ways

Now I can only feel, I can't see
Thy foot prints in the sand of my mind
I need to speak with you, dissolve in you
Is that too much of a wish?

I need to be guided to light, to my real destiny
Is that a sea of selfishness?

I am still unclear, lost in the fog of hours and minutes
There are still clouds in my horizon,even if i hadn't stopped to sail

When I close my eyes of the world
And slowly step into your timeless realm
Why are you no longer holding my hand
And talking out with me?

C'mon, don't hide,I really need you
Coz' right now, I'm alone in my soul
In that part of it where
Answers are to be found..

Originally written on 18.10.2008,this is a prayer to that selfless presence who has guided me till now but has disappeared from sight just to test my strength and faith.That guidance is not just with me,but with each of you,she or he,with wings or no wings...May light fill all your ways.
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