Thursday, March 11, 2010

Open all windows before you go..

Open all the windows on your heart and soul
Or else you'll remain on the same game level

What is it behind that blackened one?
A sea of sorrow,waves painted black
Frozen in time and waiting for a sun.

Behind the Red,there's all the lust
Passions that ran you high and dry
And every sin you've ever done,
Thought of ,but didn't get the time to do.

There are the Colorless ones,no panes
Inside them sleeps your lost dreams
Places you wished to go and people you wanted to see
Somehow life prevented you from the glee

The Purple one holds all your love,your gifts
the royal touch you were blessed with
Open it too,it's the one
You're going to carry home

The rest shall burn and burn to ash
In the fire of light from inside your mind
You're not afraid ,are you?
To be a lone passenger
Without no baggage?

Walk on now,it's time
And you're all set to go
No more walls,no more windows
Just you and the world around
Don't need to be afraid,you've done right
Remember,you've opened all the windows
And invited the Sun.
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