Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snake song

Life is a narrow road
When it's the skin
of a female snake
you wear.

No matter how venomous,there is
always that skilled Snake catcher
with his angry makud ,full of bewitching
music you never hear,
his turban,with that wild scent
that makes you want to weave
in and out of his every hair..

He makes gestures,you dance
and you finally fall
into the deep darkness
of that perpetual jute sack
Life's over.

So shed the skin,just Be,
let nature do the sorting.
but wear the clinking bangles
swap the colourful clothes,
hiss your songs,wade in the waters
be naked in the light of the moon
and dance the love dance
to your own tune.

But never ever shed the skin ,
where someone can see.
Or else they tag you
and send you in exile.
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