Monday, February 22, 2010

A part of me says..

" .i am the immortal lover of the whispering winds ,the laughing rain and the dancing waves... in tune

with my living soul..learning to live from the soul and not from the mind

A fiErce defender of freedom, mine or anybody else ,of the universe or the peck of sand on your shoe heels...
i say " let it live..dont dictate" i do cry a lot,laugh evenmore..what i love is write..write..think..then write again.
And i am proud i can stiill witness all the big miracles you people miss..the rain kissing the treetops, flowers falling in the light breeze...twinkle in a baby's eye n lastly...

tell me dear visiter.."how long it has been since you last looked up at the sky and seen the stars smiling.." C'mon you missed it... Go back, do it,come back again and read me..."Only then shall you understand what is it al about..
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