Monday, February 15, 2010

"LOst in darkness once again.."

Yes you have made me mad

Not by a fleshly love,but by the karmic ropes with which you bind my soul
I am aware of the pull,
the searing pain it causes my soul.

But you are so blind,like a blinkered horse
my words sound to you
Like the cajoling of a caged bird

You shall never know this distress
the lonely abandon you have thrown me into
No,not now nor in d near future..

U think me maddened by the drink from knowledge's cup
But,dear one,a day shall come
When in your soul shall shine the sun of ultimate truth

The third eye shall open and you will know..
I wasn't an impostor
nor a wanton woman or a whore

And then you shall come
in the moment of truth
seeking my sky,its cool shadow

I will wait..I can
and I wont forget like yo
u did.
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