Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The River doesn't change for you and me

Why would i wish to come back,

If not for the warmth of your love

and the lush green fields

that saw the birth of my first lines..

Why would i choose

to be a banished pilgrim

in this contradicting world

if not to worship the memories

and the self you gave me.

I know I'll have to relive this

Again and again,till the very end

You may deny this,may even misconstrue

Like the Earth,you can nourish and then


But the river doesn't change

Between you and me.

the silver cord tying me to u can't lie

Can't mislead,I'll have to come back

But i don't mind,can't wind up

Because this is a Journey

That tells me who i am

This is a path of mirrors

Which shows me a little girl

Who missed the lovely brown curls

that shone like tiny specks of sunlight

On her mother's soft forehead .

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