Thursday, April 22, 2010

Never been a loss

I'm in kills
But am i at a loss?
I live a gypsy dream
Quick silver and quick sand like
Only i know the way across

I'm the night's witch,it's secret darling
The one to which nothing is hidden
Am in pain and i was in love
If there is a plural way of putting it
I was that too
But have i lost?
No..not ever and not forever

I dance the moves none dare to groove
I sing the song none could even lip sync
I draw the hideous that people hide
I am the word that all men fear

I am love,vengeance's dear
I am hate, your heart's near
I am you,and thou never see
And i lose?
No..never at all.

I had been in pain,had been vain
I had been many things you haven't even seen
I had killed and had been too
And i had dared what you never can dp

Never in a moment i have lost
Nothing is enough to make me feel lost
It's not the pride that makes me say
It''s the fact that I'm it..
Both loss and gain.
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