Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love's Talk

"Always wen we talk,we reach at 'pregnant pauses"
tough time wen these are gonna deliver!"

'thoughtful words'

"when these deliver,that day,the feeling will be so dense,the screams so unbearable,that you being a man,will run away.away..away.
love you.."

' And what if u are aware of the pain
that's already there?'

" accept it"

And there r screams unheard..
"listen to them"

'and she is unaware of the pain and the screams..'

" its unimportant
how do you know she doesn't listen in her own way
or he
or them"

' coz if she would have known she would have asked
she would have let go of him
"that's what he thinks of her.
and may be she thinks..i hear them..maybe is just me..y scare him too..
and she smiles"
'she would have been thinking loud enough for him to understand'
" and all you see is the smile made brilliant by all the thoughts..their purity
' so fr sure there wouldn't b a day that he would run away

coz he wouldn't leave until she demands from him or until he comes across love as she is(which is something he wont let the time realize)
" love is all wishful thinking..or love is spent,hidden in wishful thinking that we fail to celebrate love
in thoughts,by thinking..we kill a little of the love we have
each day..
and the days pass
and at the end
wen the time for love's true test comes
there's no love
"instead thoughts,wishes,prejudices,would have-beens
love has long left
and the more needy of the two chases it..

the other understands,
For he or she could understand its been happening
accepted it
and never wanted to hurt the other

that's why wise men say
true love's course never runs smooth
because we spend time chasing it in many a heart,souls,worlds
before one day god relents and gifts it to us.."

And they all live happily ever after..

Dedication is to all who love and sacrificed on the altar of true love's journey..Thanks J&R..
Any questions you have is to be asked to yourself..and answers sought in your own mind..
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