Friday, April 16, 2010

Death Dance

Senses arise,exalt
In a deep psychedelic trance
Love,blinds ..brings darkness
That lights up my soul

My mind croons a dark song
Draws blood,draws an evil pattern
In my eyes,sensual and bewitching
I know not how.

Lust burns, burns deep into my heart
Takes it to hell
And throws the empty shell
I wish I die.

Death touch,give Life to what i killed
To empty feelings, which slept
Waited long to
Avenge them on me.

Ecstasy dance, my bearings lost
I wander inside my own dreams
Touch burns,Breath burns
Yet i dive into that
Sea of live coals.

Dawn breaks, darkness sucked in
I'm sane
And the pain strikes
I courted it
And it came.
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