Thursday, September 30, 2010

The traveller

He came near and the Sea murmured
"you've finally reached O' unfazed
...why is that your eyes miss
the winner's familiar gleam
why is that you wait hesitantly
when others have tread my shores
Unrestrained,unbound in an animal joy
why don't you disdain my frothy arms
raise your wand and dive within?"

He spoke; "I come not to seek your
Nor to mate with your lovely maids
Nor is it my aim to reign as thy Lord
Or to tread on thy shoulders,shouting Victory
I come to pass ,pass to the other side
And you will know where's that I wish to go
I have no wand,nor magic chants
Only hands made pure by their daily work
And a heart that bid no words of loath"

The Sea surprised,raised a wavy brow
And in his windy voice spoke again
"If so,have u brought what that is due
the price of love unloved
and hatred uncorked
of beliefs twisted
and Samaritans hanged?
has your soul known the pain and the Vain
has it burnt at innocence' stake?
If so kneel ,present it to me
and you may cross these endless blues"

The man kissed the welcoming sands
And from his eyes fell a crimson tear
The Sea in turn knelt and parted its Soul
the Horizon stood up and welcomed Him
to Eternity
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