Monday, November 23, 2009

On the blind choosing the Deaf..

Our college elections are finally over And as usual, the majority activists won
Opponents' banners are torn down, the gung-hos have toned down but still some questions are roaming the corridors my purpose is to try answer at least a few of them ! What is the purpose of college elections? Why is a college union sought for?

To my politically ignorant mind, the answer seems to be one of empty foolish hope i e to raise young charismatic leadership to lead my country during te democratic recession to instill political wisdom to give leverage to the activities of the college community but what exactly is happening? the tombstone of our college union reads Born on : 4th March,2009 To be dead on : 31st March,2009 if you are keen on checking the blame list well,i must warn that you will have a long one,starting off with the Kerala University ,the dumb political parties,our very own lackadaisical approach !

For whom is this Union formed? i have questions as answers for that one for the Principal? PTA? office people?or for us the unfortunate eklavyas the students? ! Who really wields the control? Well,that has to be a caustic answer No one else but the majority party in the campus to be exact, the unit committee in the college I must say be it any party who is ruling the roost,the result will be the same it is because power addicts Dear old LORD Acton was quite right ! Who votes them to power? We vote them to power.. we the purposefully dumb,deaf,useless bookworms who will one day succeed in gnawing out the remaining dignity of our collective psyche. We the cowards we risk fearing, all 'safe-n-locked up' type idiots Never raise your voice Never join hands in protest ,that is your way to a regular paycheck in the future

YES,ONCE I TOO COMMITTED THE SAME MISTAKE Of betraying my conscience of not listening to my heart of not being true to my deepest values But, i repent,deeply n i am corecting that mistake how many of you dare to join? We need leaders not to impose upon us their age old ideologies,their idea of a whole new world but to integrate us,to lead us in one good purpose it's time to change to change the tradition of the blind choosing the deaf.
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