Monday, May 3, 2010

Journey into me.

I wish
i knew
i wish
i wish
i dont need to talk do i
i know
drop me
hurt me
say everything is over
i cant stop being around you
i doubt whether i can
even if you say so
Coz' this is love

May be because i do,
i need to leave you
yes i need to leave you
leave you as the king of your own world
Am not fighting as an equal
no not with thoughts,feelings,words

you asked me what i want from you
there's nothing i would want
you are the nearest
i will come to myself
None of the labels matter..
lust,love,being undefined
because when we are,
i am more me
more complete
but if you wish to go..
That's all i would want for myself,
That's what I would do

When i said "you are the end of me"
You heard it wrong
All i said was
You are me,
I am at the end of finding myself
That you are the end of me .

But am i yours?
thats why you need to go..
Funny that you carried my world inside you
And need to go in search of your own
When I have reached.

But you need to go
To be you and also me
The journey is the same
But the traveler changes sex.

i wonder the next time we meet,
how it will be?
will we know each other?
or will we 'want' to know each other
i dont know..
i dont want to know
whoever you're
whatever you say
you do
it's unimportant

All i feel is a need to know ..find you
be with you
As two fellow crows will
Or two fellow ripples will
As simple as that
but as deep and beautiful
and hope when you leave me
you leave me in a pain
nothing can erase
nothing can lessen..
Coz' you are something
nothing can replace

i would have to wait a lifetime
to say this again
yet years seem short,exciting
when it's you i have to reach

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